Anna Marie Zieglerin

4b6c3cd7-84b0-4b2e-8f99-7342b3fb8c9bAnna Marie Zieglerin was one of the most famous alchemists of her time. She assisted the court of Duke Julius of Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel. He offered many jobs and hired both Anna and her husband, Heinrich Schomback. Anna’s family was of German nobility, which meant that Anna was able to be educated. The task that the Duke had given his assistants was to created the Philosopher’s stone. They wanted this to be created so that they could then produce gold and gemstones.

The Philosopher’s Stone was a major want of alchemists of this time and it was perceived as impossible to produce. While the alchemists under the Duke had high hopes, many believed that Anna was the key to this success. Anna Maria wrote a paper titled “Concerning the Noble and Precious Art of Alchamia” which was later published as some of her only work. She also ran her own laboratory in her early twenties while she was in intense studies to crack the code and figure out the secret to the Philosopher’s Stone.

While now we know that the Philosopher’s Stone was an impossible task, at that time people began to become very disappointed with the group and Sommering was not happy with the findings that Anna had found. The group began to become greedy and were wrapped up in the money that would come out of these findings. Because of their selfish greed they committed crimes such as murder to protect their precious findings. These actions had consequences that led to the killing of the whole team including Anna at the age of 25. While Anna was never able to secure a discovery in the History of Science her paper was used by many Alchemists of the era.


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